Different Types of Body Scrubs 

Taking care of your body is important for longevity. One of the best ways to do this is to use body scrubs. If you cannot regularly visit a spa, you can always treat your skin properly with the right body scrub.  

Body scrubs can help you rejuvenate and relax from the fatigue and stress placed on your body. This is particularly true during the summer season. According to professionals, exfoliation is one of the best skin care routines out there.  

When choosing a body scrub, you might notice several various types available on the market. However, you should know that the base of every scrub is the same.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common types of body scrub.  

Moisturizing Body Scrubs 

A lot of individuals experience a lack of moisture in their skin. Having dry skin is extremely frustrating. However, you can remedy it easily with moisturizing body scrubs.  

You’ve got limitless options when it comes to moisturizing body scrubs. You will certainly find one that will fit your preferences and needs. Ground almonds and oatmeal are common additives along with aloe vera, yogurt, and other moisturizing products.  

Coffee Body Scrubs 

Aside from helping you wake up in the morning, coffee has also become commonly used in scrubs due to its special agents.  

A lot of people consider coffee as nature’s stimulant. It’s also excellent for cellulite-prone areas. Oftentimes, spas will utilize coffee in connection with a lot of other therapeutic and stimulating materials.  

Adding vanilla, chocolate, or other oils/fragrances will leave you feeling awake and energized. This creates an enjoyable experience every time you exfoliate.  

Herbal Body Scrubs 

Nowadays, there are a lot of recipes for herbal scrubs. Every single option will depend on your preferences and needs.  

You can utilize almost everything to make the best herbal scrub that fits your taste. Orange peel and lavender flower are two common examples of some extremely well-known scrub additives. These ingredients have their own unique fragrance. They are also known for their healing and relaxing properties.  

The mixture of the right herbs with the correct oils can produce a perfect herbal scrub for your body.  

Salt Body Scrubs 

You should consider using a salt-based scrub if you require something more vigorous and rejuvenating in your life. You can create these scrubs using various grades of sea salt. This depends on the level of purifier that your skin will tolerate. 

These kinds of scrubs are excellent for getting rid of toxins from your skin. They’re also known for their healing properties.  

Sugar Body Scrubs 

This is probably the most common type of body scrub out there. Whether they contain brown sugar or granulated sugar, they offer the same benefits.  

Once you’re done adding sugar base, the next thing you need to do is to add a glycerin product or oil to create a paste-like substance.  

Sugar body scrubs are an excellent choice. This is particularly true for people who prefer body scrubs that are less abrasive to their skin.